What's new

Each new summer season brings a lot of new activities in Wonderland. 

In 2019,we added a new ride, an amazing new roller coaster called the Intrepid.


Private room rental

Private room rental for children's party, family reunion, prayer.

Area: 16 ft X 16 ft (4.87mX4.87m)

Services provided: From 10AM to 4.30PM, Locked private room, Refrigerator 1X), tables (3X), chairs (12X)

Cost: 43.49$ plus taxes. Reservation in advance preferable. Contact us at 450 229 3141 or email at alice@paysmerveilles.com

Virtual play area

This virtual interactive game will make you move, jump, play music, laugh. Both adults and children will experience the challenge of this game. You can play alone or in a team.

The ICE space

This interior glass maze called the ICE SPACE is full of surprises. Don't get lost!

WARNING: Children under 33 inches (84 cm) must be accompanied by an adult. 


For our 25th Anniversary , the Wonderland offers you something SUPER special. Our newroller coaster the INTREPID.