Special events

Bunny Bunny's birthday on June 28th

On June 28 of each year, we celebrate the anniversary of Bunny Bunny, the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland. Celebrate this special day with your favorite rabbit. Animation and Special Activities along the day

International Kissing Day July 6th

On July 6th: We celebrate the international Kissing Day

Mustache Day July 11th

On July 11th of every year it is Mustache Day: Get 10% off the entrance fee (child or adult category) at regular price for each person who arrives at the ticket booth with a mustache drawn, glued or real. 

The Lulus Day July 16th

On July 16th , get 10% off the entrance fee of each person (adult or children) at regular price coming to the ticket booth with "LuLu" on . 

Halloween in summer on July 31st.

Every year on July 31st, we celebrate Halloween during summer in Wonderland. On this very special day young and young at heart put on their best costumeand enjoy this special day . Magic is in the air with our "monster" special animation. 

Butterfly knots and Tie Day on August 9th 2017

On August 9th, Get 10% off on the entry ticket (Child or Adult category) on the regular price for each person showing a bow tie or a tie. 

Heart special Day

On August 19th: Get 10% of the entrance fee (child or adult category) on the regular price  for each person presenting with a heart design on a garment or face or hat...