In Wonderland, you will find all the necessary services for an enjoyable visit. In addition to a privileged access by the highway 15 north exit 72, we have four free parking with over 500 spaces close to the entrance desks, two restaurants, three picnic areas with more than 800 seats and several high chairs, two souvenir shop, a customer service available all day, an infirmary and a warm welcome from our staff.

Picnic Area

More than 800 seats are available, we do not accept BBQ or glass bottles. Alcoholic beverages should be taken in moderation, any drunk customer shall be expelled from the park without a refund. 

Breast Feeding Room

This space is reserved for mothers breast feeding their baby. Here, you will find comfortable chairs and a changing table.

The P'tit Resto snack bar

The Petit Resto offers sandwiches, salads, steamed hot-dog, beverages, slush, ice cream and much more.

Iced Corner

After such a full day, here, you will find well-deserved iced sweats and candies. 

Smoking Area

No smoking or vaping is permitted at Au Pays des Merveilles except in the designated smoking area. We have made available to smokers and vapers covered shelters with benches and ashtrays. To ensure the safety and cleanliness of our site, it is mandatory to comply with the regulation. Violators will be expelled from the site.


The attraction park is equipped with several bathroom facilities for men, women or disabled persons equipped with changing tables, sinks and hand dryer to ensure the comfort of all our customers. Undressing facilities are also available at the wading pool and at the Splash Area "Chez Plouf". 

Main Street Restaurant

The Main street restaurant serves mainly sandwiches and salads of all kinds. Not to mention steam hot-dog as well as beverages, chips, slush, ice cream...

Main Street Boutique

The boutique on Main Street is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We offer several choices of products of Au Pays des Merveilles, t-shirt, warm sweaters, hats, sunscreen, swimsuit, swim aids, beach towels, games, toys, dolls without forgetting our Bunny Bunny and LouLou plushes.