Can we bring our picnic? (Click on the question to see the answer)

YES. You can bring your own meal. In case you forget something we also have two restaurants. 

However, BBQ and glass containers are not authorized. 

Can we bring a BBQ ? (Click on the question to see the answer)

NO. To insure the safety of all, it is not possible to take along a BBQ on the site of Au Pays des Merveilles. 

Is the entrance free for a restricted mobility person companion? (Click on the question to see the answer)

Au Pays des Merveilles gives a special rate to the person with an handicap. Only The "accompagnateur" with a CAL (Carte d'accompagnateur Loisirs) will have a free ticket. 

Is there additional fees for the access to the mechanical rides? (Click on the question to see the answer)

There are no additional fees for access to the amusement rides. 

Is there any reimbursement in case of rain? (Click on the question to see the answer)

NO. Knowing that a storm (shower) never lasts more than 15 minutes, we encourage you to wait under our shelters. Once the rain ended, the attendants will dry the rides and games for your comfort.

If the weather is uncertain or we expect bad weather for the whole day (+ 90% chances of rain), the park might be closed on that day. In the morning, please visit our web site where a special message, under the green flag located to the right of the screen, will indicate if we are open. You can always contact us by phone at 450 229-3141 from 8:00 a.m. and a message will confirm our opening or closing.

Can we smoke on the site of the attraction park? (Click on the question to see the answer)

YES, and NO. Au Pays des Merveilles is a smoke-free attraction park EXCEPT for five (5) clearly indicated smoking areas located in different areas on the site. It is strictly forbidden to smoke outside these areas. This regulation also applies to electronic cigarettes. The cannabis is not accepted on the park site including the smoking areas. 

Can we use a scooter on the site?

NO, it is not possible to use a scooter on the site for various reasons but mainly not to hurt inadvertently another client. Furthermore, our site is located in the mountains and some slopes are too steep and that can cause big injuries.

Can we put a birthday cake into your restaurant's refrigerator?

So sorry but No, any time there must have food, other than that served in Wonderland in our fridges. It is an obligation from the Standard Health and Safety of the Ministry. 

Does the amusement park and activities are wheelchair accessible?

Au Pays des Merveilles (Wonderland) is located in the mountains, so it is difficult to push a wheelchair and its occupant if one is not physically fit. Our roads are mostly paved and accessible but our activities are only accessible to people who can get up from their wheelchairs.